Roots of the project:
Two vivacious women came together with a passion to steer away from a corporate mindset, bring healthy relationships into the workplace and create a new way to encourage self assurance, specifically in a society many feel rejected in. Our drive is to help our beautiful community envision a healthy change.

  Statistics show that many homeless youth leave their household after years of physical and sexual abuse, strained relationships, addiction of a family member, and parental neglect, leaving these young people without any knowledge of how to navigate the world, apply for jobs, manage a steady income, pay their bills or create healthy relationships, therefor causing emotional vulnerability in personal and professional atmospheres. With the proper guidance and HYRS simple yet effective program, we believe we could turn it all around, one young person at a time. Young people need someone to relate to and someone to show them a better way, especially through neglect and trauma. Through HYRS, we can make this happen by making it personal.